McDonalds Is Bringing Back Szechuan Sauce, But There’s A Catch

McDonalds is all set to bring back the iconic and elusive Szechuan Sauce, but only for a limited time and capacity. Szechuan Sauce has proven to be a foodie phenomenon that not even McDonalds could predict. It was first introduced in 1988 as a movie tie-in with the Disney Mulan movie. Back then, there was … Read more

Gamer Themed Peanut Butter Lets You Game Harder For Longer

As we all know, regular food just isn’t good enough for us gamers – that’s why a company has developed a gamer themed peanut butter. Have you ever eaten regular peanut butter while playing games and thought, “You know what, this just doesn’t cut it!”? Well, good news! A Malaysian food manufacturer is bringing a … Read more

New Baja Blast Mountain Dew Flavour Arrives Later This Year

Gamers can rejoice as a new flavour of their favourite beverage is on the way – Mountain Dew is adding Baja Blast to the menu. Sadly, you probably won’t want to drink too much of this in one go. The new Mountain Dew Baja Blast flavour is part of the ‘Hard’ range, the alcoholic variant … Read more

New Chicken Big Mac Arrives At McDonalds Next Week

McDonalds has us properly drooling today as it has announced that a chicken variant of the classic Big Mac is coming to the menu next week. If you ask anyone to name an item from the McDonalds menu, they’ll more than likely jump straight to the Big Mac. The iconic beef sandwich can’t be beaten … Read more

The Elder Scrolls Official Cookbook Is Being Released Soon

If your resolution for the new year is to get more creative in the kitchen then you don’t need to look any further, as Bethesda and Titan Books are about to launch the official Elder Scrolls cookbook, creatively called The Elder Scrolls: The Official Cookbook. The book, which currently has a release date of March 2019, … Read more

McDonald’s Now Does Sweet Potato Fries

McDonald’s is great. Whenever you need a quick meal, or you’re hungover, or six hours into a long gaming session – they’re there. The only problem is that they don’t do EVERYTHING. Where’s my pizzas at?! McDonalds is always quick to try different burgers, types of chicken etc, but one thing has remained the same. Their … Read more