Best Marvel TV Shows Ranked From Worst To Best

There are heaps of Marvel TV shows to watch on Disney+ right now. But which Marvel TV show is the best? Marvel fans have been blessed over the years, as there have been tons of TV shows to keep up with. Whether you love Scarlett Witch or Daredevil, there is something for everyone. What is … Read more

Sam Raimi reveals true reason John Krasinski was cast in Doctor Strange

Director Sam Raimi has revealed the reason why John Krasinski was cast in Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madness. The sequel to Doctor Strange has already been released on Disney+ following it’s theatrical release last May. The film was both praised and criticised for some strange scenes in an alternate universe – scenes involving … Read more

James Gunn Chris Pratt

Chris Pratt says he hates being called Chris – here’s why

Chris Pratt has revealed that he hates being called Chris, saying “it’s not my name”. The film star apparently isn’t too keen on people calling him Chris. Instead, he likes to go by his surname Pratt or his initials CP rather than his first name. In an interview on SiriusXM’s Pop Culture Spotlight, Pratt said … Read more