Best Marvel TV Shows Ranked From Worst To Best

There are heaps of Marvel TV shows to watch on Disney+ right now. But which Marvel TV show is the best?

Marvel fans have been blessed over the years, as there have been tons of TV shows to keep up with. Whether you love Scarlett Witch or Daredevil, there is something for everyone.

What is the best Marvel TV show? Join us as we rank every Marvel TV show from worst to best.

Credit: Marvel

19. Inhumans

ABC’s attempt to bring Inhumans to the small screen was ill-fated from the beginning. Initial set leaks revealed questionable costume designs and early trailers were worrying. However, Marvel seemed confident in getting Inhumans off the ground, screening the first episode in IMAX cinemas across the United States. Sadly, it just wasn’t meant to be as it lastest for one season, scoring a record low for the MCU with 11% on Rotten Tomatoes.

However, series lead Anson Mount returned as Black Bolt in Doctor Strange: In The Multiverse of Madness. There may be hope yet for the Inhumans.

Credit: Marvel

18. Helstrom

Helstrom was the first of a proposed franchise, titled Adventure Into Fear. Originally, this franchise would have spawned a new Ghost Rider series, but creative differences with streaming service Hulu buried this quickly. Acting a contained story in the world of the MCU, Helstrom focuses on two children of a superpowered serial killer, who use their abilities to hunt down the scourge of humanity.

Though the premise was fresh for the MCU, its execution failed to ignite further interest, leading to the show’s cancellation in December 2020 after one season.

17. cloak & dagger

Introducing more lesser-known heroes into the MCU, Cloak & Dagger was the second of two shows that would expand the young adult audience within the MCU. Set in New Orleans, the show sees teenagers Tandy Bowen and Tyrone Johnson form an unexpected alliance after gaining superpowers. Their abilities are the result of a disastrous structure collapse involving the villainous company Roxxon. Cloak & Dagger managed to build a small but loyal following, running for two seasons until May 2019.

16. runaways

Runaways saw a fresh superhero team debut in the MCU, after attempts to produce a feature film didn’t materialize. Formed around six powerful teenagers, this underrated team rebels against their criminal parents to overthrow their corporation, Pride. Blending elements of mysticism and sci-fi for younger audiences, Runaways had a surprising three-season run but was canceled in December 2019.

Credit: Marvel/Disney

15. iron fist

Perhaps one of the biggest missed opportunities in the MCU, Iron Fist still has some redeeming qualities. The introduction of K’un Lun set the foundations for mystical adventures in the future and we’ll always be grateful for Jessica Henwick’s brilliant portrayal of Colleen Wing. Unfortunately, the show’s titular hero is unable to shine in his own show. Uninspired fight scenes and an overdrawn narrative kept Iron Fist from truly laying down the smackdown.

Hopefully, a crossover with Shang-Chi in the future could breathe new life into Danny Rand yet.