EA criticised after posting meme making fun of single-player only games

EA has been criticised for posting a meme making fun of players who only play single player video games.

Single-player games have always been a huge part of the gaming world. Many of the games considered to the best of all time are single-player. Whether that’s Zelda games like Ocarina of Time or Breath of the Wild, the new God of War, a hundred different Mario platformers or indie games like Hollow Knight – single player games are beloved by many.

So it’s no surprise that when EA tried to make fun of them, they were quickly criticised. The company tweeted out their own version of the “they’re a 10 but” meme, saying “They’re a 10 but they only like playing single-player games.” This prompted all kinds of responses, with most making fun of EA for the ill-advised tweet.

One reply said “Star Wars Jedi Survivor’s really looking that bad, huh?” Others replied saying “so they’re an 11”.

Game Developers Respond

But the most brutal responses were from game developers, especially those who worked with EA in the past. Dead Space 2 producer Zach Mumbach tweeted “This is the company that shut down my studio and laid off 100 great developers because we were making a single player game.”

He then said “Also, if you break down game rating scores to a 10 point scale most EA games are a solid 6 or 7. Not because the developers are bad but because EA the corporation forces them to rush games out. EA corporate leadership wouldn’t know what a “10” looks like in terms of video games.

All in all, the tweet seems to have backfired pretty heavily for EA. They even tried to save face by saying “roast well deserved”, but the backlash is simply too strong at this point. But after EA’s history of ruining single-player franchises and games, it’s fair to say the roast was indeed deserved.

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