Fallout 4 Mod Lets You See What Your Character Is Actually Gonna Say

When a game gets released on PC, everyone expects the different mods that come with it made by the community. Fallout 4 is finally grabbing the attention of mod creators which makes the game easier and much more enjoyable to play.

Modders by the name of Shadwar and Cirosan have created a dialog overhaul mod to make the dialog in the game a bit more predictable.

If you have played other Bethesda games such as Skyrim and the older fallout games, you should know that when you are in a conversation with someone you have the option to see what you are going to say. However, in Fallout 4 you only get blunt keywords which might work for you or it could go terribly wrong.


This mod gets rid of the blunt keywords and lets you see what your character will say so you will not have to suffer through picking the wrong dialog options ever again.

This will make Fallout 4 so much better as you won’t waste the time talking with npc’s and will have more time to collect them damn bobbleheads!


Of course the game is enjoyable in its original form and this mod only adds and doesn’t take anything away. Can’t wait to see what mods the community can come up with next.