Fallout 4 – You Can Change Your Weapon Name Using This Secret HTML Code

The name of your weapons can be changed in Fallout 4 using basic HTML codes.

A video was shared on Twitter, where it’s shown how to change names of the weapons using HTML codes.


You can change the names too by using the following method:

Start the name with a lesser-than and greater-than signs, with “b” (bold) “i” (italic) or “li” (list – bullet point) between them. The renaming panel shows no tag and a closing tag isn’t needed.

Here’s the Tweet with the video:

This is the perfect way to make the favorite weapon easier to find and look more stylish. It’s great to see so many unique and interesting ways coming out in the open for the game. It shows how much of a strong community it’s building up to be.


Let us know below if you’ve figured out you own unique way to make the game even more interesting. And for those who’re yet to start this adventure, we’ll just leave this here.


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