A Modder Is Trying To Recreate The Legend Of Zelda – In Doom

If you thought Infinity War was the most ambitious crossover event in history, you were definitely wrong. Whichever genius came up with a Legend of Zelda and Doom crossover is truly living in 3019 while the rest of us sit and watch in awe, all the way from 2019. A person by the name of … Read more

People Are Recreating Classic Call Of Duty Maps In Fortnite

Fortnite‘s seventh season is here, and with it comes one of the best updates the game has ever seen – Creative Mode. Creative Mode allows the player to essentially create whatever the heck they like, with mechanics being compared to those of epic crafting game, Minecraft. Of course, some of the most creative minds out … Read more

Skyrim Mod Which is Bigger than the Original Game is Incredible

Skyrim is a game that has maintained 5 years of mystique and this action-role playing game has been indelibly burned into the minds and corneas of millions of players world wide. A title with such complexity and depth has undoubtedly logged hundreds of millions of hours of gameplay around the world. Many gamers yearn to … Read more

Someone Made a GTA Porn Director Mod and It’s Insanely Realistic

GTA V now officially has it all. Rockstar’s open world game already had strip clubs and prostitutes, but a modder has gone the extra mile to provide gamers with the full “red light district” experience. The mod adds a ridiculous amount of typically illegal things to a large complex of buildings and bars. The complex … Read more