Thousands of Gamers Are Rallying Together to Boycott Bethesda’s Mods for This Reason

For those of you who aren’t aware, E3 2017 is currently going on. The yearly expo has been just as incredible as in years past, but despite all the positives (like the AMAZING gameplay trailers for Battlefront 2), Bethesda’s new “Creation Club” for Fallout 4 and Skyrim has cast a shadow over the event- and reddit is NOT happy about it.

Credit: Bethesda

Although the Bethesda crew have their hearts in the right place, the “Creation Club” has been perceived by a large chunk of reddit as a way¬†to make money off of mods for previously released games. Bethesda claims it’s not a marketplace for paid mods, but gamers all over the internet still aren’t happy. In fact, redditor REAL_TYPatron has gone so far as to call for a total boycott of the new “Creation Club” mods released by Bethesda.

Credit: Bethesda

REAL_TYPatron’s reddit post had 31.3k points at the time this article was written, and the number is only going up. His short but powerful post asked gamers to stop giving Bethesda money for old games they are just milking for money. Even if the “Creation Club” isn’t technically paid mods, REAL-TYPatron believes it’s a gateway to the standardization of paid mods and the addition of more paid DLC.


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