People Are Recreating Classic Call Of Duty Maps In Fortnite

Fortnite‘s seventh season is here, and with it comes one of the best updates the game has ever seen – Creative Mode. Creative Mode allows the player to essentially create whatever the heck they like, with mechanics being compared to those of epic crafting game, Minecraft.

Credit: Epic Games

Of course, some of the most creative minds out there have cracked on and made some of the best structures the game has ever since – including a bunch of classic Call Of Duty maps.

Here’s just a few of the COD maps people have painstakingly recreated in Fortnite.



Rust(y Bucket)



There’s still more and more maps coming, and it’s pretty exciting to see just how far the Fortnite community can take the new Creative Mode.

It’s not just COD-inspired builds that have appeared via Creative Mode – we’ve also seen the likes of the Teen Titans Tower and Tony Stark’s Stark Tower.

You can check out the Stark Tower in all its glory here, thanks to Reddit user Sputeit.

Have you been busy with Fortnite‘s Creative Mode?