Experts Predict What Gamer’s Hands Will Look Like In The Future

Experts have predicted how gamers’ hands might evolve to fit controllers of the future, and it’s quite bizarre!

The casino review site SlotsWise has teamed up with scientific experts to create a 3D model of what our descendents’ hands will look like if we keep up the gaming habit.

Credit: Slotwise

They predict that both our index and middle fingers will extend enormously. This is supposedly to be able to press more buttons on the back and top of our controllers. At the same time, these experts say that our little and ring fingers will shrink to allow us to better grip the controller. Our thumbs will apparently stretch extremely far and look to be far more muscular, presumably to provide more precise control over joystick movements.

The UK based Cornelius Creative Ltd is an agency that develops and markets gaming products, like controllers. Managing Director, Simon Cornelius, told SlotsWise: “controllers, as they stand, are ergonomically designed, however, the increased immersive experience of some games require more buttons to play.

Credit: Slotwise

“An increase of buttons on the controllers means our fingers, specifically thumb, index and middle are doing more work and must stretch further.”

As a result, Cornelius expects that these changes will allow gamers to perform more actions much more quickly than we are currently able to. The research found that professional first-person shooter players have a reaction speed of around 100-250ms. With the ‘Gamer Hands’, it’s expected that those numbers could decrease even further, making esports an even more competitive scene.

Credit: Slotwise

Cybergamer 2077

While it would take thousands of years for our hands to evolve like this, who knows if we’ll even be using the humble controller pad in a few years. With VR finally starting to take off, and Microsoft developing extremely accessible forms of entertainment input, maybe we won’t need to conform to our own technology.

This isn’t the first time that experts have tried to predict what gamers will look like in the future. Remember last year when this image of gamers in 2040 circulated on social media? Yeah, we’d rather forget too.

If this is how our hands will evolve if we keep using controllers, I’d love to know what the hands of PC gamers will look like. 108 fingers, one for each key? Who knows.

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[Featured Image Credit: Slotwise]