Xbox Launches Grease-Proof Controller Because Of PUBG

Have you ever been eating loads of fast food while playing Xbox and realised that your controller is covered in a thin layer of grease? Same, tbh. Well now there’s a way to get around this problem as Xbox has launched a grease-proof controller for all your greasy needs. Xbox Australia has made some funny … Read more

Strange PlayStation Controller Lets Gamers Touch Boobs While Gaming

Image: HOPKINSDUFFIELD.COM Dead Or Alive is known to feature voluptuous female characters that throw caution to the wind when it comes to their dressing sense. Not someone to hold back showing ample cleavage and other assets, the characters are designed to simulate the gamers. Two artists named Daniele Hopkins and Kyle Duffield took the responsibility of … Read more

Official Sony Blue PS4 Controller Coming This Fall

Looking to pick up another PlayStation 4 controller? If you’re able to hold out until Fall, you can pick up the new blue PS4 controller officially from Sony. So far, the blue controller will be making its way to the United States. Known as the Wave Blue PlayStation 4 controller, Sony has revealed that gamers … Read more

Sony Reveals The Real Reason Behind The DualShock 4 Light Bar

Some of us are wondering if there’s more to the Dualshock 4 light bar. What’s the main reason behind that dim light, why was it built to always stay on?  Today, Sony revealed the answer to all these question. It now make sense considering that there’s no way of turning off the DualShock 4’s light bar. Speaking to TechRadar, Jed Ashforth, … Read more