Stanford’s Mind Reading Controller Alters Gameplay Instantly

What if there was a controller that could read our nervous system? The device could tell when were actively interested in the game or when we’re bored with it. From that indication, it could send it to the video game currently being played where it would alter the gameplay. Here’s the real shocker, it exists … Read more

Upcoming PS4 Firmware Update Will Let You Dim Lightbar

Back in January of this year, an owner of the PlayStation 4 console tweeted out to Sony’s Worldwide Studios president, Shuhei Yoshida. The tweet simply asked if a future update would allow gamers to turn off the Dualshock 4 lightbar when it was not in use. To much surprise, Shuhei Yoshida had no interest and … Read more

Sony patents transposable AR controller

Sony is trying to incorporate AR (Augmented Reality) to make the PlayStation experience as real as possible. This is obvious as the company has patented a new kind of transposable controller which can be configured by the player for different experiences. The AR controller requires a camera to be enabled and the concept is that … Read more

A Controller Was Lost That Day

This is one of the worst feelings you can get in a game, you’re less then a second away from getting a gold trophy but you don’t. You may blame it on yourself but how could you of ever known that if you just went a little faster around that corner, or stepped on the … Read more

Behind The Button Mashing

We must admit this image both proved to be funny for us and at the same time didn’t fail to surprise us. We also didn’t realize the point before viewing the image. So, there’s a logic to all this madness after all. Did you have a laugh after viewing the image? Did it manage to … Read more

How the PS4 Controller Was Made…

Ever wonder how the idea of making the PS4 controller with a pad on it originated? Down below we provide you  an image showing how the PS4 controller design came to fruition.  But at first it may look  a little surprising  but once you fully understand the idea,  you’ll get the full picture. There you … Read more

Evolution of PlayStation Controllers

This nice infographic shows off how Sony evolved with its PlayStation Controller. Right from the PSX Days to its next-gen offering, the PlayStation 4, Sony hasn’t changed the controller’s design dramatically while still being able to make revolutionary improvements experience wise. Like they say, what isn’t broken shouldn’t be fixed. Take a look at the … Read more