Stanford’s Mind Reading Controller Alters Gameplay Instantly

What if there was a controller that could read our nervous system? The device could tell when were actively interested in the game or when we’re bored with it. From that indication, it could send it to the video game currently being played where it would alter the gameplay. Here’s the real shocker, it exists and its been developed by Stanford researchers.

Stanford researchers developed a controller that holds detectors. With these detectors, the controller is able to sense your heart rate, blood flow even your breath intake. With this information, researches claimed that they can tell if the player is interested in the game or not.

Developers have stated that this information could allow video game developers to alter the gameplay. For instance, if the controller senses that the player is getting too comfortable, then the game could add new enemies or obstacles. While if parents are concerned with their kids playing too much video games, the controller could help regulate gameplay. Imagine horror titles, the controller would allow the developers to alter the game to make a truly terrifying experience.

There’s no word on if the controller would be a consumer product or how much a controller would even cost. Though more information on the controller cane be found in the video below and the Stanford news release.

YouTube video