Sony patents transposable AR controller

Sony is trying to incorporate AR (Augmented Reality) to make the PlayStation experience as real as possible. This is obvious as the company has patented a new kind of transposable controller which can be configured by the player for different experiences.

The AR controller requires a camera to be enabled and the concept is that players make use of the controller to form and replicate shapes of a variety of objects for different situations in games and follow their motion respectively.

The patent includes diagrams of the controller not only being used as a shotgun, rifle, and knife but also as a humanoid kicking a football or a flying bat.

sony_ar_patentsony_ar_patent2 sony_ar_patent3

For tech-enthusiasts, more in-depth information about this patent  is available on NeoGAF.

There is not confirmation that Sony will bring out a new controller based on this patent, but it does seem to have the potential to work around with The Playroom via PlayStation Camera. What are your thoughts on this new innovating patent? Let us know your reactions below.