PS4 will support up to four controllers at once

Sony Worldwide Studios President Shuhei Yoshida has tweeted on his official twitter account and shared more details regarding the PlayStation 4. President Shuhei Yoshida  tweet that the PS4 will support up to four controllers at once. Meaning your PS4 will be able to work with four Dualshock 4 controller at once. This seems like a good number and we … Read more

PS4 Controller Launch Colors Revealed

During Sony’s Gamescom Press Conference today, shortly after the press ended, it revealed two new Dualshock 4 Controller colors: Magma Red and Wave Blue. Both colors look amazing and has a really slick feel to them. The controller will be launching in three color variations at launch, red, blue and black. Images can be viewed … Read more

In Depth Look at the PS4 Controller

Sony has recently released a video from their PlayStation Access show, where they were getting extremely hands on with the controller, describing its ergonomic features, the touchpad button, and all its fine points. A developer from Digital Extremes has recently stated, “The DualShock 4 is the best game controller I’ve ever put my hands on.” Check out the … Read more

PS3: Grand Theft Auto V 500GB Bundle Details

Sony revealed at their E3 2013 Press Conference that they are partnering up with Rockstar Games to deliver a special PS3 GTA V bundle and also a custom Pulse Elite Edition headset. Sony focused a lot on the PS4 at E3 2013, but they also revealed a special package for GTA V fans in the form of a PS3 bundle. … Read more

PS4 Dualshock 4 Touchpad is also a Button

A Sony representative has confirmed at E3 that the touchpad can be clicked. Users have been very interested in the touchpad capabilities ever since Sony unveiled the controller back in February. Blizzard Entertainment has confirmed that the touchpad will be used for managing inventory in Diablo III, but gave no further details. We are still … Read more

PS4 Hard Drive 500GB and Controller Price Confirmed

During the E3 conference, Sony showed off their PS4 and slapped on the price, but they seemed to have left out the Hard Drive size of their next-gen console and the price of the controller as well. Due to a SCEI Press Release including all specification of the Sony’s next-gen components, it is confirmed that … Read more

PS4 VS Xbox One: In-depth Comparison

Comparison of specs and other add-ons between the PS4 and Xbox One are abound after the reveal of Microsoft’s next gen console on May 21. Here is our take on it. Although the full details have not been revealed about the PS4, we can undertake a speculative comparison with the Xbox One. Hardware The first … Read more