PS4 Hard Drive 500GB and Controller Price Confirmed

During the E3 conference, Sony showed off their PS4 and slapped on the price, but they seemed to have left out the Hard Drive size of their next-gen console and the price of the controller as well.

Due to a SCEI Press Release including all specification of the Sony’s next-gen components, it is confirmed that the internal hard drive of the PS4 is 500GB. We were expecting Sony to have a better HDD capacity, considering that downloadable games and contents are on the rise, thus gamers needing more storage.

We estimated that the price of the PS4’s controller would be around $70 due to the touch pad that was added on. Turns out the Dualshock 4 Wireless controller will cost $60 MSRP. It is a fair price knowing that a lot more features were added on and the previous generation before; the price of the controller was also $60 during some time.

What do you gamers think about the PS4 HDD and controller price?