Don’t Worry, Halo Infinite’s Battle Pass Won’t Have Dance Moves

Don’t worry, Master Chief won’t be doing any dance moves when Halo Infinite comes out this December.

We got a new look at the Halo Infinite battle pass recently, and it looks like it won’t have any dance moves or crazy emotes. It does feature some interesting stuff though, including armour sets inspired by Halo: Reach.

The first battle pass is called “Heroes of Reach”. It comes out at the same time as the game, and features all kinds of customisation for your spartan. The multiplayer portion of Infinite is free, but the battle passes will be paid content.

Credit: IGN/343 Industries

Personal AI

One of the things Infinite allows you to customise is your personal AI. These will add commentary to your matches and pop up when you’re capturing an objective. 343 said these AI are essentially a replacement for emotes, allowing for some wacky customisation without resorting to Fortnite-style dances.

In an IGN article, Infinite’s Head of Design Jerry Hook said “we struggled a lot with dance moves for Spartans. We feel that more traditional players would reject Master Chief flossing. However, AI can go crazy, AI can do what it wants to do. That way you can preserve the militaristic feel without having to break what you would consider canon. Unless of course Joseph Staten makes up a whole new story about dancing Master Chief”.

Other crazy customisation will come in the form of “Fractures”. These are non-canon armour pieces like the Samurai armour we saw in the multiplayer trailer.


What do you think about Halo Infinite’s battle pass? Are you glad spartans won’t be flossing in multiplayer? Let us know on social media!

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Featured Image Credit: 343 Industries/Microsoft