DICE Is Working On A Battlefield Mobile Game, Releasing In 2022

DICE and Industrial Toys are working to release a Battlefield mobile game in 2022.

The mobile offering will be a completely separate title to the one that DICE and three other studios are working to release for console and PC this year. It will be optimized for mobile and tablet devices, and feature skill-based gameplay that realizes a “Battlefield-on-the-go” experience.

The news arrived alongside information that DICE are set to reveal this year’s Battlefield title in the coming months.


It seems as though more studios are taking notice of the mobile market. Call of Duty Mobile has brought in over $644m for Activision since it launched, and PUBG Mobile is raking in over £5m every single day.

Even Apex Legends is making its way to mobile devices, with Respawn about to embark on regional beta testing very soon.

Battlefield has gone mobile before…

This isn’t DICE’s first foray into the world of mobile games. In 2013, they integrated a mobile mode directly into Battlefield 4 with the Commander feature. The idea behind the mode was that each team would have a dedicated ‘Commander’ player who could oversee the map from either a PC or a tablet device.

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The Commander could then support their team by placing UAVs to spot enemies, drop supply crates and vehicles, or even call in tomahawk missiles to wipe out heavy enemy presence.

While BF4 launched with Commander mode on tablet devices, the app has since been pulled from stores. The only way to utilise the feature now is via PC. It’s unclear as to whether the app was pulled because not enough people were using it, or if it was due to technical difficulties.

Either way, this new mobile title seems to be a huge departure from DICE’s efforts in the past. Industrial Toys have a pedigree of mobile games behind them – a game built from the ground up for mobile sounds far more interesting than a half-baked port.

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Credit: EA Dice

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