Battlefield 6 Trailer Audio Leaks Online Ahead Of Official Announcement

A huge chunk of audio from the Battlefield 6 reveal trailer has leaked online.

The 30-second clip originally surfaced on the imageboard 4chan, but eventually found its way to Reddit. While the source of the audio is questionable, there’s reason to believe that this is the real deal.

As it’s only an audio clip, there’s not a lot we can derive from the audio file. That said, there are some identifying factors that correlate with previous leaks and rumours we’ve heard.


Industry insider confirms the leak as legitimate

For the last week or so, industry insider Tom Henderson has been sketching out frames from the version of the trailer he has seen. One of his sketches shows an Osprey helicopter crash landing in front of a soldier.

In the replies to his own drawing, Henderson includes the caption, “”HOLD BACK!” BOOM.”

That exact quote can be heard at around the five-second mark of the leaked audio.


The audio coincides with previous leaks

Also heard throughout the audio are a bunch of soldiers shouting, jets whizzing past, and several explosions. All pretty common affairs for a Battlefield trailer.

Towards the end of the clip, it’s possible to make out a faint countdown from beneath the battle noise. If you listen closely around the 23-second mark, you can hear the words: “3, 2, 1… we have liftoff”. At the same time, the ignition of what sounds to be rocket engines plays.

Earlier this week, a couple of supposed images from the reveal trailer also leaked onto Reddit. One shows a bunch of Osprey helicopters approaching a rocket launch pad. The other shows a first-person view from a helicopter, giving us a closer view of the rocket itself.


Henderson believes this location to be the Tanegashima Space Centre. The location exists in the real world and is situated on an island just south of the coast from Japan.

The leaked audio seems to fall in line with much of the leaks we’ve heard so far, indicating that it’s highly likely this is the real deal.

Previous leaks and rumours have pitched the new Battlefield as a spiritual successor to Battlefield 3 and 4 with a postmodern setting. 


When will we see the full trailer?

DICE teased late last month that its biggest development team ever is hard at work on creating this year’s Battlefield. It’s set to release before the end of 2021 with more information releasing “Soon™”.

Previous Battlefield games have usually seen release trailers release in the month of May. Battlefield V was revealed on May 23rd while people saw Battlefield 1 for the first time on May 6th.

YouTube video

With so much about the trailer already leaked or speculated, it’s unlikely that we won’t have much longer to wait at all. 


If you still can’t contain your excitement, try quenching it with the track that Henderson has confirmed is the one used in the reveal trailer. It’s produced by 2WEI, whom are well known for creating epic soundscapes in the trailer industry. They previously remixed Destiny’s Child’s ‘Survivor’ into an epic rendition for the Tomb Raider movie in 2018.

YouTube video

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[Featured Image Credit: EA Dice]


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