You can now purchase Xbox 360 Games On Your Xbox One

What a time to be alive, Phil Spencer finally announced backwards compatibility was happening with your Xbox 360 games, which we loved. He also announced that you had to already own the games or buy them through a 360 console, that wasn’t such a awesome news. Well, since we hate to disappoint, as of today, … Read more

The High Tech Spy Pistol Folds To Look Exactly Like a Smartphone

As you’ve probably worked out by now, we here at FragHero are all about everything cool – and not JUST games. For instance, the office sent me to check out the latest must-have accessory for your regular James Bond (or Sterling Archer, depending on success rate), the Ideal Conceal Double Barrel .380 Caliber Pistol. Ideal … Read more

10 Bizarre Videogame Weapons That Will Make You Say WTF

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You’ll Get To Play Uncharted 4 Before Launch And Here’s How

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The 9 Biggest Videogames Which Were Unplayable at Launch

Complaints and small issues in games are common place these days – freezing, often hilarious or annoying glitches prevent us from really getting along with the game and putting it in our ‘favourites’ collection, regardless of how good it has the potential to be. The following games suffered from just that and more – they … Read more

6 Scary Videogame Easter Eggs That Will Give You Nightmares

As gamers we like the simple things in life. We also really like things that appear for no apparent reason in our games – or easter eggs as they are more affectionately known. Easter eggs don’t particularly hold any bearing on the game themselves, but they are pretty cool to find, that or they creep … Read more

10 Incredible Skyrim facts nobody ever told you about

Skyrim is an absolute monster of a game, there is no doubt about it. But do you know everything there is to know about it? Probably not. Well, to help you in your quest we’ve decided to talk about 10 things that you might have not known about the game. Enjoy. 10: 25 of the … Read more