5 Horrible PS4 Games You Should Absolutely Never Play

Let me just get in here real quick and take the liberty to make it clear that I’m not slating the PlayStation 4 in any way. In the battle for the top spot between the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox one, the PS4 is winning so far in sales, but that doesn’t mean it’s perfect. … Read more

7 Games That Define The Next Generation of Gaming

2016 was a great year for gamers, we were blessed with releases such as Fallout 4, The Witcher 3 and plenty more. We’re only three weeks into the year but we’ve already been teased with upcoming releases for the year. Here are 7 games released in 2016 that define the widely used term “next-gen”. Doom … Read more

Star Wars Battlefront III Prototype From 2008 Has Been Leaked

Eight years ago, back in 2008, a third installation to the Battlefront franchise was in development before ultimately getting cancelled. Of course, this left a lot of fans with a bitter taste in their mouths, but apparently a playable version of the prototype has apparently surfaced. Battlefront III was to be developed by Free Radical, … Read more

6 Reasons That Playing Video Games Can Improve Your Life

It turns out that video games, while a great source of entertainment, can also have their benefits beyond just being a fun pass time. We’re not saying at all that a 24 hour Halo marathon will leave you any healthier than before (seriously, don’t do that… too often) and when abused can cause more damage … Read more

8 Videogames That Will Completely Destroy Your Social Life

It’s great having friends, you can catch movies with them, go for drinks or simply just chill out together. It’s been proven having friends is good for your health, but if you intend of having them stick around, you might want to avoid these the next time you plan a gathering. Here’s 8 video games … Read more