5 Horrible PS4 Games You Should Absolutely Never Play

Let me just get in here real quick and take the liberty to make it clear that I’m not slating the PlayStation 4 in any way. In the battle for the top spot between the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox one, the PS4 is winning so far in sales, but that doesn’t mean it’s perfect. Here’s 5 PlayStation games we think you should never play.

Transformers: Rise of the Dark Spark

rise of dark spark

Usually the transition between video game to a feature length film is a rocky one, to put it bluntly: they never work out. After Michael Bay massacred the Transformers franchise with his films, we turned to gaming in hopes to reignite some of that nostalgia of the good old days.

Well contrary to the title, a spark is exactly what this game lacked. ‘Drab’ is a compliment to what this game has to offer, it’s a linear story of stopping the bad guys from finding said spark, and that’s pretty much it. The game tries to be creative by allowing you to switch teams between Decepticons and Autobots, but it’s pretty wild and switches unevenly. And lets be honest, team switching isn’t exactly something innovative anymore, we figured how horribly wrong it can go with Halo 5.

One redeeming factor I will mention, however small, is the large arsenal of weapons, which is expected when you’re a 40 foot, outer-space, vehicle/robot hybrid. Bay massacred the films, but he was what the game was lacking. If you’re looking for a linear game with a forgetful plot and average action, pick this game up in your nearest store. It’ll be in the pre-owned section for half price.

Tetris Ultimate

tu 3

So whoever thought that Tetris, a simple puzzle game that people of all ages can play, needed a re-boot on a next-gen console needs to give their head a shake.

To start, there’s nothing ‘Ultimate’ about it. It’s Tetris, there’s nothing much you can do with a game like that, besides maybe add some dubstep and bright explosions like Pac-Man did, that’s how you re-boot a classic. It’s adequate. If you like Tetris then go ahead, I’m not judging. However, don’t pay $9.99 for this and expect things to be different from the classic version you used to play in the back of your dads car on your handheld.

Besides a few frame rate issues, there’s nothing wrong with this game, but there’s nothing right with it either. It all depends on how much you like Tetris.

The Amazing Spider-Man 2

spiderman 2

What is it with Superhero films and the failed transition to video games? Besides Batman, it’s hard to find a good superhero game (Yeah I know Batman isn’t a superhero).

I loved the Spider-Man games back on the Gamecube. They were innovative, fun and truly put you in the shoes of Spidey. It seems since he added ‘amazing’ to his name things have been going downhill, for both his films and games. The combat is very dull and repetitive and it’s easy to forget why exactly you’re there with a story worse than the second film. It almost feels as if the story has been sacrificed for the an overwhelming amount of villains, it’s just kind of a mess.

The movement has been improved greatly since the previous installation, that’s the high point of the game and the use of the left and right triggers to swing gives it a more authentic feel. Besides this though, there’s not much to sing and dance over, it’s another Spider-Man title with wasted opportunity.


knack 2

Quite a strange one this, reviews are wild and seem to be at either end of the spectrum – love or hate.

Instantly, just by looking at a few screenshots and game play videos, the art style is beautiful. It’s reminiscent of Tearaway on the PS Vita, one of the most visually appealing games I’ve ever had the pleasure of owning. However, after an hour or so of playing, you slowly realize how restricted the game truly is. In an almost Sonic style game, collecting relics give you power and taking damage snatches them back off you, making you weaker. Beneath the pretty surface, the story is simply ‘get as many of ‘X”, with a lick of paint.

A game with a lot of bright ideas and potential but unfortunately doesn’t deliver, it may still be worth your time and money to enjoy the art style though.

Drive Club

drive club

Before you go on a six page rant about how great Drive Club is, we criticized Batman: Arkham Knight for the exact same reasons, the game was broken at launch.

The difference being that AK was released on multiple platforms and only failed on one, plus it gave us console gamers something to be smug about (never going to let that go ‘masterace’). In comparison to Drive Club, which was released on just one console, the PS4, and failed miserably. It made AK look like a perfect launch. The game boasted great driving mechanics, dynamic game play and online clubs. This would of been great, if the servers weren’t constantly down, making the game nothing more than a burden on your hard drive.

Of course, this has been cleared now and players are calling it one of the best, if not the best PS4 exclusive.

What are your opinions? Have you encountered a game on your PS4 worse than any of these?