Amouranth Net Worth: How Much Has The Controversial Twitch Star Earned?

Amouranth is one of the most popular women on Twitch, coming in at the 15th most viewed streamer in March 2022 – but how much is her total net worth?

Amouranth Net Worth – Early Career

Kaitlyn ‘Amouranth’ Siragusa started out on Twitch back in 2016. According to Wikipedia, she was asked to join the live streaming platform to show off her costume making abilities. At the time, she was an amateur cosplayer and also owned her own children’s entertainment company.

Since then, Amouranth has risen to internet fame, quickly becoming one of the most watched women on Twitch ever. She’s known for all sorts of content styles, including dancing, ASMR, and even hot tub streaming.

Amouranth isn’t without controversy, though. She’s been banned from streaming on Twitch several times, usually for breaching the Twitch terms of service. However, there have been times when even the streamer isn’t sure why she’s been banned.

Credit: Amouranth

Amouranth Net Worth – Other business ventures

Since she started streaming on Twitch, Amouranth has also branched her content out to other platforms, too. She’s one of the largest users on OnlyFans, revealing in 2021  that she earns a massive $1.3 million per month from her subscribers on the platform.

Outside of her online social presence, Amouranth is known for launching bizzare and ambitious business plans. In 2021, she bought a petrol station for around $4 million. She’s also invested in a pool toy company for $10 million.

Last month, she began selling jars of her own farts and hot tub water for around $1,000 each. In addition, she’s also considered creating her own brand of adult toy in a collaboration with YouTube star Ludwig.

Amouranth is quite the success story, and it doesn’t look like her accumulation of wealth is slowing down any time soon. She has said publicly that her personal goal is to earn enough money to eventually open up an animal sanctuary, given that she’s a huge lover of animals.

Credit: Amouranth

Amouranth Total Net Worth

Overall, once you take business revenue and expenses into account, it’s estimated that Amouranth’s net worth is around $4 million.

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Featured Image Credit: Amouranth