Amouranth Was Banned From Twitch And She Doesn’t Know Why

The popular streamer Amouranth was banned from Twitch briefly, along with Tik Tok and Instagram, and she doesn’t know why.

Amouranth was the most successful female streamers on Twitch, according to a Q3 2021 report. But that doesn’t mean she is safe from a ban. The controversial streamer has been at the centre of many discussions for her content. And it seems someone somewhere in the social media sphere wasn’t happy.

Last week Amouranth was simultaneously banned from Twitch, TikTok and Instagram. And while she is back on Twitch now, she still doesn’t know why she was banned in the first place.

Credit: Amouranth


While typically bans will be accompanied with clips that showcase the reasoning of the ban, this wasn’t the case here. It is a worrying tradition that has made its way through many of Twitch’s biggest stars. Chief among them is Dr DisRespect. DisRespect only recently discovered the reasoning for his ban, and as a result is suing the platform.

Amouranth, however, doesn’t seem as phased as DisRespect was. In fact, she has taken it in her stride. Posting on her personal Twitter, Kaitlyn “Amouranth” Siragusa joked that she had been “deplatformed”.

Credit: Twitter

Amouranth spent three days banned before Twitch reversed it. It doesn’t quite win the shortest ban award. That one goes to xQc and his four hour band. Amouranth still remains banned from Instagram and Tik Tok at the time of writing.

During her time off of Twitch, Amouranth spoke of the potential of a fund to invest in brands like hers that aren’t family friendly. The implication is that her NSFW content was at the root of the ban. Platforms like Twitch has been unsure on how to process content like Amouranth’s. Officially, however, we still don’t know the reason for the ban.

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Featured Image Credit: Amouranth