All 30 NBA Teams Are Coming To Fortnite This Weekend

In yet another crossover, the 30 NBA teams are all set to appear in Fortnite this week.

Fortnite is absolutely no stranger to crossover events at this point. In fact, it’s arguably the game that started the whole cross-over trend in the first place. Season 6 saw the addition of Lara Croft, while there have been rumours that Jill Valentine and GTA’s CJ could make a future appearance.

Before we see more video game tie ins, it’s time to make way for the NBA sports league.

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From May 21st, you’ll be able to acquire cosmetic items relating to each of the teams taking part in the NBA league. In total, that’s 31 individual uniforms arriving in the item shop.

Alongside the character skins, there’s also a couple of emotes. The ‘Shoot & Score’ pack gives you the Hookshot emote and Mini Hoop Back Bling emote. There’s also the ‘Dribblin’’ traversal emote which will presumably see your character dribble a basketball as they move across the island.

Credit: Epic Games

Where we dribblin’, bois?

If you’ve always wanted to dress your Fortnite avatar just like your favourite NBA player does, you’re in luck. NBA players Donovan Mitchel and Trae Young have personally selected cosmetic items that will appear in Locker Bundles later in the event.

Mitchell’s pack includes a shark outfit and Stark Splitter Pickaxe. Young’s will net you the Scarlet Commander Outfit along with the Gold Digger Pickaxe and a bunch of other goodies.

Credit: Epic Games

You’ll also be able to take part in a special Fortnite x NBA Team Battle event. Players will be asked to represent their chosen team and complete a series of challenges. At the end of the event, each team will be ranked based on their performance. The higher a team ranks, the better rewards its participants will receive.

It all sounds exciting for those that are still playing the Battle Royale epic. Speaking of ‘epic’, Epic Games are currently embroiled in a court fight with Apple.

With each company rinsing out its dirty laundry, we’ve gained some interesting tidbits about other games industry companies. One of the interesting scoops was that Sony is charging developers to enable crossplay on the PlayStation platforms.

Credit: Epic Games
Credit: Epic Games

[Featured Image Credit: Epic Games]

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