XQC Blasts Lost Ark For Being “Pay-To-Win”

Lost Ark has quickly become popular on Steam, but some streamers including xQc have criticised it for being “pay-to-win”.

Felix “xQc” Lengyel described Lost Ark as a “very grindy game”, and one that he doesn’t care to play despite the potential viewer counts. He claimed the hype will eventually die down, and now he’s doubling down by calling it pay-to-win.

A donator sent in a message to xQc saying he’s “fallen off” because he’s not on Lost Ark. xQc took the opportunity to roast the game instead, explaining how he really feels about it.

Lost Ark: 1.2 million Twitch viewers for Amazon's Diablo-Like and Smilegate  - Aroged
Credit: Amazon Games Studios

“I cannot wait until all of your Lost Ark streamers that are so dedicated to the grind, that are grinding it out and hustling through, all quit the game and quit streaming for the next six months.”

When another donator said he doesn’t understand Lost Ark because it’s too “complex and in-depth” for him, xQc fired back. He replied by saying “Dude, it’s a top-down pay-to-win dogsh*t f**king Korean MMO.

Will Lost Ark Last?

Clearly, he isn’t too hot on the game, and he’s not the only one. Streamers like Shroud and Dr Disrespect have spoken about not caring about Lost Ark.


However, other big streamers like Asmongold are fully on board the Lost Ark train. He has found particular success with streaming the game, and his streams are breaking records.

But Lost Ark is a divisive game, and it’s still early days for the Korean MMO. We’ll have to wait and see if it actually lasts at the top spot. Similar games like New World had big launches, but quickly lost players as people became disinterested.

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[Featured Image Credit: xQc/Amazon Game Studios]