Stranger Things Season 4 Release Date Is Right Around The Corner

Netflix has announced when we’ll get to see Season 4 of Stranger Things, and it’s coming fairly soon!

It’s been a long old wait since Season 3 of Stranger Things. The climactic ending last aired on Netflix nearly three years ago in July 2019. After we saw that Hopper was mysteriously transported across the globe, fans have been left stumped as to what would happen next.

This new season of Stranger Things will be the last for the series. Hopefully, it will tie up all of the loose ends and give a satisfying send off to the beloved cast. It’s been a long six year journey for the show, but it’s finally coming to a close.


Netflix is doing things a little different this time around, though. Instead of releasing all of the episodes at once, the season will be split up into two volumes. This is likely to create a little bit of anticipation as we await the final few episodes. It could also be due to how the narrative is structured in Season 4.

Stranger Things Season 4 Release Date

So, when will we get to see the anticipated conclusion?

Stranger Things Season 4 Volume is set to premiere on May 27th 2022. The first half of the season should all drop on Netflix at once. The second half of the season is coming in the form of Season 4 Volume 2. That’s set to release on July 1st, just over a month later.


This is a new way of thinking for Netflix, and I can’t wait to see how it pays off. Are you looking forward to Stranger Things Season 4? Let us know across our social channels.

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[Featured Image Credit: Netflix]