Watch Dogs will have different Resolutions on PS4, Xbox One, and PC

Ubisoft has recently unveiled more information on their highly anticipated ‘Watch Dogs’ game.

They held a conference where they described the resolution and frame rate for each platform that should be available for the next-gen.

  • PS4: 1080p/30fps
  • Xbox One: 960p/30fps
  • PC: up to 4K/frame rate varies


It has been confirmed that Ubisoft has entered a partnership with Nvidia, which has enabled the PC players to have the ultimate version of Watch Dogs. The alliance has created a bond that no other platform may receive, where PC users will attain awesome features like ambient occlusion.

The graphics on the PC will depend on the GPU, not everyone has the same PC therefore, not everyone will have the same resolution and frame rate. If you are planning to run your game on a GTX, it should work at its maximum potential of 1080p and 60fps.

The release date for Watch Dogs is set to be on May 27th.

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