The Division Breaks Several Ubisoft Records Within A Day Of Its Launch

The Division made a very successful debut with the game selling at good pace in digital market places and retail outlets. Publisher Ubisoft announced in a press meet that the game had a record-breaking launch compared to their previous games. Although Ubisoft didn’t reveal the total number of copies sold, they mentioned that ‘millions of players’ were … Read more

New GTA V Mod Combines Grand Theft Auto With Watch Dogs

One thing that Watch Dogs definitely got right was their hacking system. Being able to cause all sorts of chaos with the push of a button is never something that gamers are going to balk at, even if the rest of the game left some people wanting more. Which leads us to one of life’s … Read more

Six videogames that tried to fool gamers but failed miserably

The video gaming industry is a multi-billion dollar juggernaut which is chock-full of big wig publishers and developers. In today’s day and age, big-budget games are no less than a blockbuster Hollywood movie when it comes to budgets and promotions. Often times publishing houses announce the next ‘big’ project and make bold promises convincing gamers … Read more

Watch Dogs Heading To Camden, New Jersey

Looks like Aiden is heading to Camden, New Jersey in the upcoming DLC for Watch Dogs. Are you going to pick up the latest DLC for Watch Dogs? Ubisoft has confirmed that Watch Dogs is in fact moving to Camden, New Jersey. Camden is a city in serious need of protection from what the image … Read more

Review: Watch Dogs

Ubisoft’s highly anticipated video game since it’s announcement, Watch Dogs, is finally available for pick up. Though will the game be worth your hard earned money? Read what we have to say about Watch Dogs and how well it stacks up against other top third-person video game contenders already on the market. So unless you’ve … Read more

Watch The First 30 Minutes of Watch Dogs

Ubisoft’s highly anticipated video game Watch Dogs is finally set to release tomorrow. Polygon has uploaded the first 30 minutes of Watch Dogs being played on the PlayStation 4. If you want an early sneak peek for what is to come then check out the video below.