Watch Dogs Launch Trailer

Ubisoft releases brand new Watch Dogs launch trailer. You can check out the latest trailer for Watch Dogs down below! Watch Dogs is set to release on the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, PC, Xbox One, Xbox 360 starting May 27, 2014. The Nintendo Wii U will also receive a version of the game though the release date … Read more

Watch Dogs Trophy List Revealed

Ubisoft’s upcoming  video game title Watch Dogs has a list of trophies that gamers can collect. Check out the full trophy list right here. The list comes from PSN Profiles. Here are the following trophy list from Ubisoft’s Watch Dogs. 100% Clear Unlocked when all other trophies has been unlocked Hello World Take down Maurice End of … Read more

Watch Dogs Has Gone Gold

Ubisoft’s upcoming open-world video game that is highly anticipated is now officially gold. Watch Dogs will no longer be subject to anymore sudden delays which means you gamers out there can expect the game to launch on-time with no interruptions. Although the long wait times and lines will still likely to be present during the … Read more

Watch Dogs 101 Trailer

Ubisoft has released a new trailer for their upcoming video game title Watch Dogs. The new trails is titled Watch Dogs 101 which will go over some of the fine details you will need to know about for the game. We know a ton already about Watch Dogs and if you’re out of the loop or just looking … Read more

Watch Dogs – Character Trailer

Ubisoft releases a brand new trailer for Watch Dogs. This time around, gamers will learn a bit about the characters within the game. Check out the video down below! We’ve come to know Aiden a bit from the past year but now we’re getting details on his friends and other characters within the game.  Watch Dogs … Read more

New Watch Dogs: 13 Minutes PS4 Gameplay

Today PlayStation Access shared a 13 minutes  of  Watch Dogs  PS4 gameplay. I have to say it look very promising! The commentary over  the gameplay share some very  insightful details to us. Pointed out within the video, we learn that there are eight different points in the game you need to be very aware of. If you’re … Read more

Watch Dogs PS4 1080p, Xbox One Still Uncertain

Ubisoft revealed that the resolution for PlayStation 4 version of Watch Dogs will target 1080p but it’s unclear about the Xbox One resolution. According to CVG, cinematic animation lead, Lars Bonde, says even though there might be visual performance differences between the PS4 and Xbox One, he made it clear that current-gen and next-gen will give players … Read more