Playstation 4 Line Up Game

  Down below you will see all the several PlayStation 4 games that have been confirmed. The on that made an appearance today during the Playstation2013 meeting Driveclub Driveclub will be the first PS4 racing game. Evolution Studios has announced this game during Sony conference in New York City.  The game featuring real time render. A debut trailer can be found down … Read more

Watch Dogs is coming to the PS4 – First Gameplay

Ubisoft confirmed Watchdogs will be heading for the Playstation 4 along with other platforms. It also showcased a brand new gameplay demo which was captured on the PS4 and it looked amazing. It showed off the game’s social features in more detail. The game’s shaping up to be an exciting title. Check out a gameplay … Read more

Watch Dogs “Heroes Wanted” developer diary

Been a while now. The game was first unveiled during Ubisoft’s press conference at E3 2012. Today Ubisoft release a “Heroes Wanted” developer diary video. Check it out down below.

Stunning Watch Dogs New Screenshot Revealed

Ubisoft has revealed a new screenshot for Watch Dogs. The screenshot show the environment.The daylight and shadow and the reflection can easily be spotted ad all the texture look spectacular. Watch Dogs is going to come on PS3, 360, PC and, we believe for Next gen too. Check it out down below also you can view the debut … Read more