Playstation 4 Line Up Game


Down below you will see all the several PlayStation 4 games that have been confirmed.

The on that made an appearance today during the Playstation2013 meeting


Driveclub will be the first PS4 racing game. Evolution Studios has announced this game during Sony conference in New York City.  The game featuring real time render. A debut trailer can be found down below.



Infamous: Second Son

Infamous: Second Son is a confirmed title for the Playstaion 4 from Sucker Punch. Infamous: Second Son it’s a new series from the trilogy,it will feature a brand new protagonist. A debut gameplay can be found down below.


Watch Dogs

Wacth Dogs first revealed last E3 2012 during Ubisoft press conference. Today at Sony press conference, Ubisoft presented a brand new gameplay demo which was captured on the PS4 and it looked phenomenal. You can view the gameplay down below


Killzone: Shadow Fall 

Killzone: Shadow Fall  first revealed at the PlayStation meeting. The gameplay and the graphics show what the playstation 4 truly made of, the horse power visualize of the PS4 look phenomenal. A demo can be found below.




Knack is a new IP game currently under development that is taking full advantage of the PS4′s new processing and graphical power. Demo can be found below



Deep Down

Deep Down is a new IP title for the the PlayStation 4. The game is developed by capcom. It is powered by ther new “Phanta Rhei” engine.  


Diablo 3

Diablo 3 has been available on the PC for a while, today Blizzard Entertainment  confirmed Diable 3 will be available for the PS3 and the PS4.


Final Fantasy (PS4)

Square Enix CTO Yoshihasa Hashimoto announced that a new sFinal Fantasy title is in the works for  the PlayStation 4 .More to Revealed This year at E3



The Witness

The Witness is a Playstation 4 title. It was revealed by Braid creator Jonathan during Sony press conference today in New York City.You can watch the first trailer down below.



Today Activision revealed Bungie’s new FPS title Destiny and is set to release for the  Playstation 4 and Playstation 3.
Check out the gameplay down below


YouTube video


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