Katy Perry Gets A Few Starring Roles In Final Fantasy Game

Popstar Katy Perry might not know if math is related to science, but that’s not stopped her landing in a role in the Square Enix mobile game, Final Fantasy Brave Exvius. Appearing in the mobile game later this week, Perry will lend her likeness to a handful of playable characters, so don’t be too surprised … Read more

Square Enix shares huge news regarding FFVII Remake

If you have a pulse and an internet connection, you’ve undoubtedly heard about – and are excited for – the upcoming Final Fantasy VII remake. Some fans were a bit worried that it might stray too far from the original, or that the voice acting might be a bit odd, but so far all signs … Read more

This Final Fantasy Cosplay Looks Like A Videogame Screenshot

Final Fantasy XIII’s Lightning has been cosplayed by an American cosplayer named Kilory. The cosplay has been executed in such a perfect way that you won’t be able to differentiate between her and the original character. She and her team (props maker 月家猫空 璟宿 和谐 and photographer Ouzi) has done an incredible job to get such close to the … Read more

Amazon France lists Final Fantasy for PS4

Square Enix’s Final Fantasy for PS4 has come up in a Amazon France listing. The listing comes as an unforeseen occurrence as Square Enix has not announced any Final Fantasy installment for the PS4. The technology demonstration, Agni’s Philosophy was earlier listed as a PlayStation 4 release but was taken down later. Lets wait and … Read more