‘Future of Final Fantasy’ event to be held at E3 next week

E3 is only 4 days  away. Publishers are getting pumped up to unveil their latest projects. Today Square Enix has  announced they will be holding their own special ‘Future of Final Fantasy’ event at E3 next week. The event will take place from 12-1 p.m. ET next Tuesday, June 11th  where there will be a specific  Q … Read more

PSG Line Up Feb.18 – 24th

Tune in as I answer PlayStation 4 questions, talk about Killzone: Shadow Fall, Modern Warfare 4, Diablo 3, Final Fantasy X HD, Driveclub, Knack, and more. I am sorry that I did not talk about Destiny in this video, but you can check out the introduction video here. Watch PSG Line Up Video: Fun Links: … Read more

Playstation 4 Line Up Game

  Down below you will see all the several PlayStation 4 games that have been confirmed. The on that made an appearance today during the Playstation2013 meeting Driveclub Driveclub will be the first PS4 racing game. Evolution Studios has announced this game during Sony conference in New York City.  The game featuring real time render. A debut trailer can be found down … Read more