Sony teases video game for GamesCom 2014

It seems that Sony is teasing a game for GamesCom 2014. The video is only a few seconds long and does not show much of anything. The video simply shows a axe hitting a tree stump and what looks like ice cracking. The video gives off a horror vibe to it but the games title … Read more

Deep Down E3 2014 Trailer

Capcom releases E3 trailer of Deep Down, an upcoming dungeon crawler. The game is set within New York City in the year 2094. Players will clear dungeons and discover ancient artifacts that will teleport them into new dungeons from the distant past. Currently, Deep Down is set to release on only the PlayStation 4 sometime … Read more

Deep Down Gameplay Video Showing Good Old Fashion Dungeon Crawl

We have video of Deep Down being played from TGS. We get a look at some good old fashion dungeon crawling. A person in full armor carrying a spear takes on some ogre pig like monsters using timing of strikes and some fire spitting pedestals to their advantage. Over the battle is a voice repeating … Read more

Deep Down Gets New Screenshots

Capcom’s Deep Down got some new screenshots from Sony Japan’s website. The pictures show off various monsters that will appear in the game.We get a look at the dragon breathing fire and its fuzzing out of the camera’s focus. We get to se a knight taking on some pig monsters. And coolest of all a … Read more

Deep Down is Confirmed as a PS4 Exclusive

Capcom showed off Deep Down at Sony’s press event in Japan yesterday and before it was announced at the PS4 reveal event in New York. It was obvious that there were some pretty strong ties between Sony and the game, but until recently is hadn’t been stated outright if it was an exclusive or not. … Read more

PS4 Deep Down Video is Amazing

At Sony’s Japan Press Conference Capcom’s Yoshinori Ono showed up to give us our first details about the game as well as a new trailer. Despite people showing up in medieval armor and swords the game takes place in New York in the future year of 2094. Ono said the game will be explained in … Read more

PS4/Xbox One – Deep Down Vs Ryse: Son of Rome Comparison

The next-gen has truly started. With release dates for both Sony and Microsoft’s consoles’ being confirmed and both the consoles releasing worldwide during the same month, one can’t help but compare how both these devices stack up against one another. PlayStation Gang brings you the first of the many comparisons we’ll be doing between exclusive … Read more