Warzone Hacker Remains Unbanned After Showing Off Impressive New Cheats

Just when you think the Warzone developers might have a handle on the cheating situation, a new hack comes along to reset your expectations. A new cheat has surfaced which can grant the player night-vision goggles, permanent 3D pings on enemies and the ability to constantly change their username.

The hack surfaced in a video posted by Twitter user Stephen ‘Yungstaz6’ in which they are spectating the cheater in question. On the hackers screen, every enemy on the map is marked as though they have been pinged by another player. It’s not quite a straight-up wall hack, but it does the job well enough to see where enemies are coming from.

They can also be seen using the night-vision goggles gadget available in the Modern Warfare campaign and multiplayer. The gadget isn’t even available to use in Warzone, so it’s honestly quite impressive how the cheater has managed to achieve this. That said, Verdansk takes place during broad daylight, so I’m not so sure how helpful this part of the cheat is. It does make the soldier shoot the gun sideways though, which will always look cool.


Admin, he’s doing it sideways!

Once the match ended, the cheater joined the lobby of Yungstaz6 and told the squad a little about their cheats. They say that they’ve managed to hold their account for around five months without getting banned. All the while, this cheater’s username is constantly changing, even while playing. This is likely how they have managed to stay unbanned for so long.

Most online cheaters tend to buy cheats online. Earlier this month, Activision published a report that discovered malware was being hidden within popular Warzone hacks. It appears as though this particular cheater writes his own code, though. When the lobby asks how much they pay for their cheats, they reply: “I don’t pay anything”. They also say that they don’t sell, either. 

That begs the question, if they’re not doing it for profit, where’s the fun in writing cheats for yourself? Maybe it’s the thrill of the chase as the cheater says they don’t care if they get banned. Raven Software have been cracking down hard on Warzone cheaters, recently completing the biggest ban wave in Call of Duty history. Just this week they managed to ban another 30,000.


Cheating will likely always be an issue to tackle in online games. That said, it’s still quite impressive how these cheaters manage to work their way around Activision’s systems in these inventive ways.

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[Featured Image Credit: Activision]