Valkyrie’s Tac Hover Ability Is Getting Removed From Apex Legends

Valkyrie was added to Apex Legends in the most recent season update, and she’s already about to get nerfed. Respawn reckons that Valkrie’s Tac Hover ability is too powerful, and will therefore be removed completely.

As we approach the ALGS [Apex Legends Global Series], the developers at Respawn are taking a close look at the balance of the game. Some things were changed up massively with the Legacy update, with some feeling that Lifeline is now incredibly overpowered.

Credit: Respawn
Credit: EA/Respawn Entertainment

While Lifeline is a strong character right now, Respawn has said that it doesn’t intend to change her just yet. One character that is about to be reined in is Valkyrie and her VTOL hover jets.


Valkyrie’s passive ability is her VTOL Jets that allow her to reach greater heights or cover large distances in the air. It’s kept in check by a limited fuel supply which Valkyrie burns through at a significant rate – she can’t stay in the air forever.

At the moment, she burns through her total fuel supply at a rate of 12.5% per second. That allows for a flight time of seven seconds. However, by using the ‘Tac Hover’ ability, Valk can hover at the same altitude while burning through far less fuel.

Players have discovered that using the Tac Hover ability in the late game allows them to essentially avoid firefights altogether. While a legitimate strategy if you’re looking to win the game, it doesn’t exactly make for the most entertaining esports viewing.


Check out this clip from the pro player Taisheen who manages to sit in the sky as the final ring closes around them:

What’s wrong with the Valkyrie Tac Hover?

In an exchange on Twitter, associate live balance producer John Larson explains that the Tac Hover was actually intended to burn through fuel at 10% of the normal rate. As such, the team think that Valkyrie is able to stay airborne for far too long.

Respawn has tried to experiment with an increased fuel burn rate of 50% and 75%. Even with those values, Larson says that Valkyrie is still able to fly high for much longer than the team would like.


For that reason, Valkyrie’s Tac Hover ability will be removed today (May 27th), ahead of the ALGS. The ability could return at a later date, but it’ll likely be tweaked so that players can’t abuse it as much.

The group stages of the ALGS are set to begin on June 2nd with the finals occurring on June 13th. There’s a total prize pool of $1m up for grabs.

Do you agree with the removal of Valkyrie’s Tac Hover? Let us know across our social channels.


[Featured Image Credit: EA/Respawn Entertainment]

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