An Apex Legends TV Series Could Be In The Works

It looks as though we could be diving deeper into the world of Apex Legends with a TV series potentially on the way.

Fans of Apex know that the battle royale gameplay is only one side of a coin. On the other is a rich universe stemming from the work Respawn Entertainment did on the Titanfall games.

The wider universe has been explored in various forms of media outside of the game. Cinematic shorts with each new season launch dive into the backstories of certain characters. A series of comic books has also further expanded upon the lore of Respawn’s sci-fi epic.

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The success of Titanfall and the Apex is profound, and shows no signs of slowing down as the new seasons progress. So much so, that a potential TV series has been teased by a developer at Respawn Entertainment.

In a recent AMA on Reddit, one plucky fan asked the question if we’d ever see an Apex TV show come to either Netflix or Amazon Prime.

The Respawn representative responding was the director of comms, Ryan K. Rigney. He gave a brief answer in the form of a cryptic emoji – the classic zipper-mouth face.


That’s internet speak for ‘I can neither confirm nor deny’, which means we can’t take it as 100% fact. That said, we can’t 100% discredit the idea, either.

Video game adaptations are starting to become successful!

Video game movie and TV adaptations seem to finally be taking off in recent years. The new Mortal Kombat movie received a respectable 86% on its Rotten Tomatoes audience score. Netflix’s Witcher series has also taken off tremendously with a second series due to release sometime this year.

Credit: Warner Bros.

With media companies putting more faith in video game properties, maybe it’s finally time we saw one of EA’s take the leap to the streaming scene? A sci-fi epic exploring the world of Apex and Titanfall would surely put a smile on the faces of many fans.


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[Featured Image Credit: EA/Respawn Entertainment]

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