Unity Development Engine Now Supports The PS Vita

The popular development tool known as Unity first announced back in mid 2013, that support would be available for all current PlayStation consoles. However, the support directly for the PS Vita wasn’t present until now. Unity has announced that the development engine Vita support in now finally available for developer use. This should be great news to hear for developers who are known for using the Unity tool in game development and also for those Vita owners looking for a larger catalog of titles in the near future.

With the Unity engine, developers who hold a current licensed developer agreement form Sony Computer Entertainment are able to develop video game titles for the PS Vita. Through Unity, developers will be able to fine tweak the Vita’s motion sensors, dual cameras, analog sticks and the rear touch pad. Besides the hardware adjustments, Unity will also allow developers to integrate several PSN features such as the Vita trophies and even multiplayer match-making.

The first Unity game to get released for the Vita is Stick It To The Man by Zoink! This title was made to fully test out the Unity engine with the Vita hardware and so far the game received incredible reviews. Stick It To The Man  is a side-scrolling platformer filled with hilarious gameplay.

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