PS Vita Exclusive Bodycheck Revealed

There are several sports related video games out on the market today. No matter what sport you’re into, football, hockey, rugby, tennis, the point I’m getting at is that there is undoubtedly a video game related title available. However, if you don’t necessarily care for the traditional sports then you may find Bodycheck a nice entry to the sports related genre. Bodycheck is a sports game first brought out in the Middle Ages, think of it as rugby on steroids.

You’ll find yourself pinned against another team where the goal is to get the ball to the opposing team’s goal. Did I forget to mention that you can get the ball to the goal by any means necessary? Fight your way through mobs of players, cast spells, use alchemists, witchcraft, and sorcerers to take out the opposing force or resurrect a dead teammate. Need extra time on a play or maybe you just need the timekeeper to turn a blind eye, simply bribe him. Bodycheck will also allow multiplayer with up to four players.

Currently, development team Ludometrics is expected to release the Vita exclusive in the third quarter of this year. You can watch early gameplay of Bodycheck down below.

YouTube video