Sony Will Continue To Support PS3 As Long As Possible

Are you starting to wonder that if don’t make the jump from Sony’s PlayStation 3 to the PlayStation 4 you’ll lose support? Sony reveals that they have no plans on leaving the PlayStation 3 consoles for the time being. As long as gamers continue to use and support the PlayStation 3, Sony will back it … Read more

Horror Title Cult County Now Coming For PS4 Morpheus

Cult County was a horror title that was set to be exclusive for the Nintendo handheld 3DS. Though it seems that development studio, Renegade Kid, decided Cult County was too big of a title for just the 3DS. Instead, Renegade Kid announced that Cult County would be hitting consoles and more specifically, the PlayStation Morpheus. … Read more

Unity Development Engine Now Supports The PS Vita

The popular development tool known as Unity first announced back in mid 2013, that support would be available for all current PlayStation consoles. However, the support directly for the PS Vita wasn’t present until now. Unity has announced that the development engine Vita support in now finally available for developer use. This should be great … Read more

PS4 Will Not Play CDs

The upcoming PlayStation 4 will stop supporting a format Sony’s home consoles always have supported: compact discs. Reiji Asakura, the Japanese journalist who wrote the best selling book “Revolutionaries at Sony: The Making of the Sony PlayStation and the Visionaries Who Conquered the World of Video Games” tweeted about how Sony told him the PS4 will … Read more