Horror Title Cult County Now Coming For PS4 Morpheus

Cult County was a horror title that was set to be exclusive for the Nintendo handheld 3DS. Though it seems that development studio, Renegade Kid, decided Cult County was too big of a title for just the 3DS. Instead, Renegade Kid announced that Cult County would be hitting consoles and more specifically, the PlayStation Morpheus.

Cult County is a horror title that is played out in first-person. The game has been reportedly similar to the style of Silent Hill and Resident Evil, two horror series that has been very successful in both a video game and film format.

During development of the 3DS title, Renegade Kid decided that the game would be too big for the handheld resulting in moving the title to consoles.

The development team put up a Kickstarter asking for pledges to bring the title to consoles. Currently, the goal is set at $580,000 with $25,000 backers already signed up. If the development team can bring in the goal amount, Cult County will be published for Steam, Wii U, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4 (with Morpheus support), PlayStation Vita and if the goal hits $640,000, an Xbox 360 copy will be published as well.