World War Machine Approved From Square Enix Collective

Square Enix Collective has just approved World War Machine a video game that was up for approval by Tuque Games. Tuque Games was up against Kitfox Games and Crackdown developers Ruffian Games. Though with a 90% approval rating from gamers all over the world, Tuque Games upcoming title is a game that most gamers could get excited about.

First off, Collective is a completely free service offered by Square Enix. Essentially, developers will pitch ideas of video games they wish to develop. With these ideas, gamers are able to vote on them if they would play the game or not. After voting for about a month, the winner will be able to enter crowd-funding through Square Enix and indiegogo.

Tuque Games brought out World War Machine a post-human apocalypse where machines rule the world. The game received 90% approval rating and will be played out as an action-RPG.

A fast-paced, Action RPG set in a procedural post-human world with meaningful customization, tactical coop and steel-shattering destruction.

Take a look below for the concept art released for World War Machine.

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