Developer Panel Gamescom 2014 Video

Gamescom wasn’t just the host for video game announcements and demos but panels as well. Sony released a video of the panel developers took to in-order to discuss the future of video games and gamers are looking for when it comes to the latest releases. Included in the panel is as follows: Shuhei Yoshida – … Read more

Gearbox Explains why they aren’t Developing Borderlands 3 yet

Randy Pitchford, the president of Gearbox Software came upfront about the studios current developments, and made it evident that they are not working on Borderlands 3. In an interview with Polygon he states, “I’m not going to fuck around with you like Valve does with Half-Life 3,” Borderlands 3 is something that should be in … Read more

Unity Development Engine Now Supports The PS Vita

The popular development tool known as Unity first announced back in mid 2013, that support would be available for all current PlayStation consoles. However, the support directly for the PS Vita wasn’t present until now. Unity has announced that the development engine Vita support in now finally available for developer use. This should be great … Read more