Two New Maps Were Mysteriously Added And Then Removed From Modern Warfare

Infinity Ward has subtly removed two maps that were added to 2019’s Call of Duty: Modern Warfare.

‘Al-Raab Airbase’ and ‘Drainage’ were included in a surprise update for Modern Warfare on March 31st, though they were only available to play in private matches. Both of them are brand new maps that haven’t been seen before in Call of Duty history.

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Credit: Activision

‘Al-Raab Airbase’ is set in a middle-eastern airbase, repurposed by the US as seen in the ‘Proxy War’ mission from Modern Warfare’s campaign. While the airbase is configured for standard 6v6 deathmatch, ‘Drainage’ offers up a new locale for Gunfight players. This new map is an altered version of ‘Euphrates Bridge’ with much more enclosed spaces and tighter angles.

It appears that these two maps may have been included by accident, as neither received any sort of trailer or acknowledgement in the Modern Warfare marketing. In contrast, a remake of Call of Duty 4’s classic ‘Killhouse’ took the headline of the March 31st update, receiving a 24/7 playlist for players to select.

Though the maps were previously available to play privately, they can now no longer be accessed at all. It’s not clear when they’ll be added back into the rotation, but with rumours of a Season 7 on the way for Modern Warfare, we’re hoping it’s going to be soon.

After all, if they were ready and available to play privately, that’s surely a good sign that they’re nearly ready for public games… right?

Modern Warfare is still Mr Popular

The stealth update didn’t arrive at a particularly significant time for Modern Warfare. Treyarch’s Cold War counterpart only just received a mid-season update, and all eyes are turning to where Warzone is going next with Season 3 on the horizon. 

Even though Cold War is the most recent Call of Duty to release, many players still prefer the gameplay that Modern Warfare offers in comparison to Treyarch’s 80’s themed romp. A recent poll on Twitter found surprisingly close results with over 44% of players preferring Modern Warfare over Cold War.

18-months after launch, you’d be wrong to think that Infinity Ward’s fan favourite shooter is starting to show its age. A Season 7 update is rumoured to be on the way, keeping the post-launch support coming for the beloved reboot.

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[Featured Image Credit: Activision]