Top 5 most awaited PS4 games of 2014

PlayStation 4 has already created history with its launch since November 2013 and it has now been a prized possession for millions (4.2 million to be exact). Though the console has got a decent lineup of games since its launch, there is still an uphill journey for PS4 to get a string of defining masterpieces which will define its golden era in the near future. The journey of PS4 does look very optimistic and exciting and so I am here to give you a taste of what gaming indulgence awaits for you in 2014! I look on to the Top 5 most awaited games of 2014. Let’s get started.

No. 5) Infamous: Second Son


One can’t deny the fact that Sucker Punch’s Infamous series was very well received among PlayStation 3 enthusiasts. A game where your moral decisions defined the story progress, Infamous was one unique open-world title with supernatural powers in Sony’s belt. After two back to back triumphs in the form of Infamous and Infamous 2, the stage is all set for Infamous: Second Son, the third entry in the series, arriving on Sony’s latest flagship console, PlayStation 4. The game was revealed in February 2013 right after the official announcement of PS4. ‘Karmic’ preferences play a vital role in the narrative which starts seven years after the previous game. You play as Delsin Rowe, who is 24 and has the ability to unleash multiple powers including the power to suck up other Conduits’ powers. The game dynamically changes with the use of every power by Delsin. With more powers at hands than your mind can imagine and an improved destruction mechanics for gamers to improvise in the Seattle city, Infamous: Second Son will be one hell of a crazy ride, when it releases on March 21 2014.

No.4) Destiny


Destiny is the latest offering by Bungie and Activision and they describe it as essentially a “shared world shooter” in a gigantic fictional open world set seven hundred years after man’s Golden age on Earth.  Destiny got an amazing response at E3 last year and has over the months earned many fans who are anxiously waiting for this post apocalyptic journey. The game consists of three races – Human, Awoken and Exo which are further divided into three classes: Hunters, Warlocks and Titans. Destiny will include constantly changing in-game lights and weather effects and the story will be told in chapters like a book. The developers have claimed to create more concept art for this game than all of their previous games combined together. Also Activision has joined hands with Bungie for a four-game contract which emphasis their confidence on the quality and capability of Destiny, which will be ready to conquer the world on September 9, 2014. And we will be ready with our DualShock controllers right away, what say?

 No.3) The Order: 1886


When it comes to PlayStation 4 exclusives, The Order : 1886 shines with a blaze like a distant comet which is approaching to us sometime in 2014. And the development journey of this game by Ready at Dawn is already three years and counting. The Order: 1886 is set in a fictional historical Victorian era in the city of London where the PS4 players exclusively get to experience knighthood and face dual enemy forces. Firstly you’ll get to kick some ass of these half breed monsters, which are a threat to humanity. Then are the angry citizens who have become rebels after suffering poverty as a byproduct of industrial revolution. The gameplay details are yet to be disclosed but the first trailer at E3 2013 has already gained praise for the stunning visuals of the game. And to add to the anticipation, Ready At Dawn’s CTO Andrea Pession himself tweeted and teased by saying the graphic fidelity will exceed what in shown in the trailer! And combined with this is the interesting storyline which secures a spot for The Order: 1886 on this list.

No.2) Watch Dogs


Watch Dogs is a brand new open world game by UBISOFT which primarily functions on one highlighted task throughout the game – computer hacking. The backdrop of Watch Dogs is the beautiful futuristic city of Chicago where every piece of technology is governed by a system known as CtOS (Central Operating System).  You play as Aiden Pierce, a fearless vigilante who can hack into almost any electronic device to gain info, create diversions or completely destroy such devices whenever needed. These devices range from personal info of locales, bank databases to CtOS controlled devices like surveillance cameras, subway trains, etc. The game was due to release on Nov 19th last year, but Ubisoft chose to delay the game for a spring 2014 release.  Well, looking at the vast scale of diverse ambience created in this game and the variety of things to do, it does suggest that a sense of further refinement and testing will aid in gamers enjoying a better game by Ubisoft in the end. This vigil modern action adventure of Aiden Pearce looks all set to amaze the techno-wizard inside every gamer, which is why Watch Dogs finds the much deserved spot on this list.

No.1) New Uncharted game (full title TBA)


Naughty Dogs has already created a rage for itself among gamers with the ‘Uncharted’ series and the 2013 big blockbuster game ‘The Last Of Us’ on PlayStation 3. So it was evident that the company will start off the next-gen console voyage with a brand new iteration of Uncharted. A teaser trailer was released on November 14, 2013 resulting in jubilation, rise of stocks and a one of kind anticipation. Though the teaser didn’t reveal anything except the voice of Todd Stashwick as one of the game characters and African continent chosen as the location setting for the game, it does confirm that one of the best Sony first partner developer, Naughty Dogs is hard at work to make sure we experience the ultimate Uncharted adventure trip on PlayStation 4. It does put every PlayStation gamer including me, into infinite curiosity as to when the game will release, as the date is yet to be unveiled. But that doesn’t stop it from already shining at the top spot on this much coveted list.

So those are my top 5 most awaited PS4 games of 2014. As always, do share your feedback in the comment section below. Also let us know which PS4 games you are looking forward to play in 2014.

Happy New Year gamers!