10 worst PS4 games ever made that devastated gamers

While the PS4 is currently the front-runner regarding home console sales, that doesn’t mean Sony hasn’t had a couple of bad games released on their eighth generation system. Whether it was poor level design or sloppy programming here are ten of the worst games available on the PlayStation 4. 10. The Order: 1886 Though it … Read more

The Order: 1886 Get A New Fantastic Gameplay

Sony revealed a brand new gameplay for The Order: 1886 at the PlayStation Experience which you can watch below. There will be Over 30 Minutes of demo will be playable at PlayStation Experience.

The Order: 1886 Collector’s Edition Details

The Order: 1886, has a new trailer that shows out what the collector’s edition of the PS4 exclusive contains. The video gives some details on what to expect for those players who have pre-ordered or are planning to pre-order the video game. The 7-inch “Galahad Under Fire” Statue Collectable Steelbook “Coat of Arms” Stickers Knight’s … Read more

The Order: 1886 Gamescom Gameplay

A new trailer for the upcoming Ready at Dawn and Sony Santa Monica Studios video game, The Order: 1886, was shown off during this year’s Gamescom. The trailer is narrated by Nicola Tesla, a man of science who is helping the legendary knights of the round table. The latest trailer for The Order: 1886 focuses … Read more

The Order: 1886 The Evolution of the Half-Breeds Trailer

Ready At Dawn goes behind the scenes of their upcoming video game, The Order: 1886. Watch as the developers talk about the design process used within the game. Ready At Dawn: 1886 is set in a fantasy timeline in the past. Creatures lurk the world and if you ever wondered what went into the design … Read more

What Was Missing During E3 2014?

It was clear that this year’s E3 was all about the games. With consoles out on market, it was time that we see just what is coming out in the next few months to a year. While this year developers showed off some amazing video game titles, we were a bit bummed in a few things. Find … Read more