10 worst PS4 games ever made that devastated gamers

While the PS4 is currently the front-runner regarding home console sales, that doesn’t mean Sony hasn’t had a couple of bad games released on their eighth generation system. Whether it was poor level design or sloppy programming here are ten of the worst games available on the PlayStation 4.

10. The Order: 1886

Image: PlayStation

Though it made huge steps regarding graphics and production value, good visuals don’t always mean that it’s a good game. The Order: 1886, was one of the most disappointing games of 2015.

Despite receiving mixed reviews, many critics agreed that the game was way too short for a $60 title, the narrative was weak and borderline convoluted, not to mention it lacked a substantial amount of replay value. It doesn’t help the fact that the game was infested with quick time events either.

9. Knack

Image: PlayStation

Sometimes newly launched titles are unable to capitalize on the new hardware the latest console has to offer. Knack is the perfect example of this. Originally marketed as a smaller new IP to help create a more diverse lineup for the PlayStation 4; Knack was a memory that disappeared in the blink of an eye.

Despite having the title become a critically-acclaimed game, what Knack was just not properly executed. Before its release, it was promoted as an action/platformer. However, the primary gameplay focus went from platforming to more action-oriented combat.

The titular character was annoying, and the narrative was painfully mediocre. While it isn’t Bubsy 3D levels of bad, it failed to unleash its full potential.

8. Hardware: Rivals

Image: YouTube

A 2016 multiplayer vehicular combat game, the things that Hardware: Rivals does right were just not enough. While the graphics are colorful and vibrant, the gameplay is fun (with friends) for a short period. Other than that there is not much that makes you want to come back for more.

7. Godzilla

Image: YouTube

A game with a AAA budget ended up feeling more like an overrated low budget title. While fans of the franchise could place their nostalgia goggles on high, the clunky controls, outdated graphics, and  confusing level design was unacceptable even by 2014 standards.


6. Umbrella Corps

Image: Capcom

Looking for a video game that is complete garbage and rips off a famous IP? Umbrella Corps is the game for you. A third-person, cover-based, zombie shooter; Umbrella Corps is a slap in the face to Resident Evil fans.

Aside from the fact, the plot is nonexistent. The game suffers from terrible AI, linear gameplay, and weak online multiplayer.

5.  Driveclub

Image: Level Today

Racing games are a dime a dozen; there are many racing games to choose from. Now, what makes Driveclub stand out in the genre? Not much.

While the game did try to place a huge focus on the community and competitive scene, there wasn’t much gameplay wise that made it stand out as a strong racing game.

If their was an excellent single player mode, perhaps the game would not have been a total bust.

4. Fluster Cluck

Image: YouTube

What looked like it had the potential to become a fun party game became a disastrous mess of a game. While the game is fun for a few hours, there wasn’t much to keep me coming back.


3. Basement Crawl

Image: PlayStation

In one simple sentence, Basement Crawl is a Bomberman rip off. There is nothing wrong with making a competitive title that was influenced by popular current games. But there is a difference between copying competition and just plain ripping of intellectual property.

Even if you were able to overlook the similarities it has with Bomberman and not dub it a “Bomberman clone” you will quickly notice that the game lacks content, there isn’t much that makes this game stand out, and it should be avoided at all cost.

2. Wander

Image: YouTube

Developed by Loki Davison, this narrative-focused MMO is the perfect example of why games need to be delayed to perfect development. Dubbed as one of the worst games of this generation, the biggest criticisms for Wander related to the fact it was a buggy, broken, incomplete mess of a game.

1. The PlayRoom

Image: YouTube

There is nothing special about this game; it’s an over glorified tech demo, and it had little reason to exist other than to show off the PlayStation 4’s camera and DualShock 4 controllers.

Despite the game being borderline useless, at least all the DLC’s released were free.