10 worst PS4 games ever made that devastated gamers

While the PS4 is currently the front-runner regarding home console sales, that doesn’t mean Sony hasn’t had a couple of bad games released on their eighth generation system. Whether it was poor level design or sloppy programming here are ten of the worst games available on the PlayStation 4. 10. The Order: 1886 Though it … Read more

PlayStation 4 Playroom Update Adds Ninja Bots

Sony has revealed today that the PlayStation 4 Playroom will be receiving a free update. The update will add Ninja Bots with a free obstacle course game to play by yourself or with your friends. This of course, will require a PlayStation Camera and Dualshock 4 controllers. If you’re located in North America or Europe, … Read more

Here’s How Playroom Looks Like on the PS4

Sony’s next-gen console has arrived and things are looking really exciting for gamers. Today, we’ve this exclusive video made by Pro Gamer Siefe which gives you a hands-on peak at Sony’s latest tech offering; The Playroom. We must say we’re left quiet impressed by the amount of realism the robots bring with them and it … Read more

Playroom to come pre-loaded on the PS4

As announced by the PlayStation website, Playroom will come pre-loaded on the PlayStation 4. Playroom essentially allows an augmented reality robot to run around in your living room fostered by the combined use of the PlayStation Camera and the DualShock 4. It interacts with the player and can create visual illusions, in the process, creating … Read more