Here’s How Playroom Looks Like on the PS4

Sony’s next-gen console has arrived and things are looking really exciting for gamers. Today, we’ve this exclusive video made by Pro Gamer Siefe which gives you a hands-on peak at Sony’s latest tech offering; The Playroom. We must say we’re left quiet impressed by the amount of realism the robots bring with them and it does look rather fun.

Seeing a commercial is one thing but seeing them in action in a real world scenario is completely another. Here’s Siefe himself giving you a rundown about the entire shin dig –

“I took a few minutes, on the night of the PS4 launch, to wonder around the home screen of my PS4. I stumbled upon the “Playstation Playroom” and remembered the commercial Sony had. You know, the one where everyone is interacting with all the robots? Well, I didn’t think it would be that realistic. Boy was I wrong! It was really fun! It really brought me back to feeling excited about technology and how much of a kid we all really are. I really encourage you all to take some time and explore your PS4. There are a lot of fun little secrets waiting to be explored!”

Check out the video below and let us know if it’s managed to increase your curiosity regarding the technology as well.

YouTube video